Tax Law

Tax Planning

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Co-investments
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Public Offers
  • Project Financing
  • Foreign Investment
  • Foreign Trade
  • Infrastructure Projects and Public Procurement

Tax Audits and Tax Rebates

  • Monitoring of audit processes, tax revisions, and corresponding litigation
  • Legal advice for value added and income tax rebates
  • Specializing in tax rebates based on international tax treaties

International Tax Law and
Foreign Trade

  • Specializing in tax, trade, and investment agreements
  • Mutual agreement procedures under international tax treaties
  • Strategic alliances with international law firms in order to provide our clients comprehensive legal advice on tax matters


  • Design and implementation of international investment protection structures

  • Coordination with legal advisors from other jurisdictions for the implementation of investment protection structures

Criminal Tax Law

  • Defense for taxpayers in criminal tax law
  • Strategic alliances in criminal law to offer our clients the best possible defense

Public Policy Design

  • Design and drafting of local and federal tax laws
  • Defense designed by the firm for local tax courts
  • Consultancy services in the design of revenue legislation, budgets, and state and local administrative agreements
  • Analysis and advice in excise taxes on tobacco, radio and TV, in addition to gambling

Tax Litigation

  • Defense of taxpayer rights before a number of different authorities, including administrative, judicial and conciliatory bodies
  • Strategic alliances to ensure the best possible human rights defense

Tax Ombudsman

  • Client representation before PRODECON in complaints procedures and conclusive agreements


    • Estate tax planning and tax regularization
    • Succession planning
    • Pre-immigration planning to Mexico or from Mexico to other jurisdictions
    • Tax regularization in Mexico an aid in regularization in other jurisdiction including the US
    • Vast experience in the areas of dual citizenship and tax residence

    Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    • Consultancy services to design prevention systems against operations funded by illegal proceeds and terrorist financing
    • Risk analysis of implementing estate structures encompassing obligations in the area of operations funded by illegal proceeds and terrorist financing

    Family, Planning and Compliance (FPC)

    • Design and implementation of estate and succession structures
    • Design and analysis of shareholder agreements and control structures
    • Corporate and tax compliance
    • Maintaining the family portfolio
    • Coordination, support and guidance for the experts who collaborate with our clients


    • Strategic alliances with independent art appraisers
    • Design of efficient international structures for the possession and transmission of works of art
    • Legal guidance to insure works of art
    • Legal guidance during operations that include works of art, such as selling, purchasing, donating or using them as collateral
    • Experts in facilitating in-kind agreements for artists
    • Coordination of foreign trade elements relating to the import and export of works of art

    Entertainment and Sports

    • Vast experience in sport, music and film industry contracts
    • Experts in copyright and associated agreements, as well as their cessation and exploitation
    • Efficient international tax structure design for artists and athletes
    • Analysis of tax residence and tax treaty application for artists and athletes