ÁLVAREZ ALCALÁ, S.C. is a boutique law firm specializing in tax law, offering national and international tax services and litigation.



Founding partner

Alil Álvarez Alcalá


Legal team

Jacob Dabdoub








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Tax law


ÁLVAREZ ALCALÁ, S.C. specializes in all types of domestic and international tax law thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of its team and their professional experience.

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Family, Planning and Compliance (FPC)

In today’s world, individuals face increasingly complex obstacles in terms of ensuring tax compliance, and being able to efficiently manage their estates and protect their legacies.

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We focus on preserving the ownership and possession of artwork, including national and international tax compliace, as well as specific foreign trade regulations.

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EntertAiNment and sports

Artists and athletes require highly-specialized services in order to ensure tax compliance, given that they operate in a number of countries and need to manage multiple intellectual property and copyright agreements. All of this is to protect their public image, taking into account the protection of their privacy.

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ÁLVAREZ ALCALÁ, S.C. is aware of its commitment to society and of its obligation to invest time and resources into promoting social development.

 Pro bono


We actively support non-profit organizations and charitable foundations authorized to receive tax-deductible donations in accordance with the domestic Income Tax Law and international tax treaties. We offer these institutions free legal advice in the areas in which we specialize.



We are convinced that gender equality is a social priority, and we are responsible for promoting the inclusion of women in the workplace. We are the only tax law firm (within our band) in which the corporate and workplace conditions fully comply with this principle. We have actively participated in drafting legislation to further the inclusion of women in the workplace, and we will be closely monitoring this bill throughout the legislative process.


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